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Kho Kho: A Game for Everyone.

Kho Kho is a traditional Indian game that is played by two teams of seven players on a rectangular field which has a goal on each end. The objective of the game is to race around the other team's field and touch an opposite player before the opposite team reaches the same player, or before time runs out. There are many variations of kho kho, including one which has eight players in each team.

The game originated in parts of India, but it can be found in many other countries as well, where it is played either with their own set of rules or the rules given below. Playing Kho Kho not only gives you an opportunity to experience a different kind of sport but also learn about cultures around the world. Here are some tips for playing Kho Kho!


Kho kho History and Origin

Kho Kho is a traditional Indian game that originated in India. The earliest mention of the word can be found in a 17th-century text called "Sukhi Khutabali." It also appears in a Hindi language poem from 1612.

The rules of Kho Kho have many variations, but all versions have two teams and a rectangular field with a goal on each end. With complicated rules, it's best to know how to play before you go out and challenge your friends to a round!

kho kho Rules

- Players are divided into two seven-member teams.

- One team is on the "pitch" while the other team waits at the opposite end of the field.

- The game starts when one player from each team runs towards each other and tries to touch or catch an opposite player before they reach the same player.

The players who were touched must go back to their starting position on their side of the pitch, and any opposing players that failed to catch an opposite player also return to their starting position.

- If there is more than one member of a team waiting in a line, they can be tagged by anyone on the opposite team, but if there is only one person in a line then it has to be tagged by an opposite player of that same gender.

- The game continues until one of two things happen:

1) time runs out, or 2) one team's members are all taken out of play (meaning they have been either tagged or run out of bounds).

Kho kho Strategy

The most important thing in kho kho is to have a strategy, and the most important part of a strategy is to know your opponent's limitations. For example, if you're playing with someone who is better than you at running, then you need to find a way to outsmart them by either blocking them from getting past you or trapping them in the corner.

A common strategy in kho kho is for one player from each team to be assigned as the "pursuer" and the other seven players on the team will be "defenders." The pursuer is responsible for tagging an opposing player while trying not to get tagged in return. The defenders are responsible for making sure that this happens.

If a defender manages to touch a pursuer who has been tagged before they reach their own goal post, they earn back one life. This is why it's important that defenders maintain constant contact with pursuers without allowing them any time to rest.>>END>>

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Kho kho Conclusion

Kho Kho is a fast paced, team-based, contact sport that is played by two teams on a specially prepared field. The objective is to send the heavy and inflated rubber ball (pehti) to the other side of the field and touch the ground with it. The game is played in two halves and in each half, both teams can send in at least one player.

The game is played for a total of 10 minutes and the team that sends the ball to the ground first, wins.

Kho Kho is a game which can be played by anyone who wants to have fun and get in shape.

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